Buying My Home “As Is” In Houston, Texas

In the midst of a home hunting exploits, you’re more likely to come across the term ‘as is’. And it will for sure catch your eye because the price tag on the house will seem too-good-to-be true. But all that is not important. What you ought to be asking yourself at this very moment is, what exactly is an ‘as is’ home, and why would anyone consider making such a purchase?

Buying My Home in HoustonSo by now we all know buying my house fast in Houston, Texas, is expensive. We’ve all read the blog posts and watched every HGTV show. In fact, you’ll always fall short even if you think you’ve saved enough.

But We Buy Fast Houston Houses has some good news for you. What if we told you that you could snag a great deal if buying my home in Houston, Texas, has always been your dream. Keep reading to learn how.

What does “as is” mean?

When you see the term ‘as is’ in a listing, that simply means that the owner of my house in Houston, Texas, is selling the property in its current condition. They will not be making any upgrades, or repairs, to make my home look more presentable.

Basically, you get to buy what you see. And by the way, when you find a house listed as ‘as is’ in Houston, Texas, more often than not it’s a sign the property is in a poor condition. It will obviously be suffering from damages such as a leaking roof, structural issues, termite infestation, or mold problems.

But there’s always that one exception. A couple of times We Buy Fast Houston Houses has lucked out and found an ‘as is’ listing that was in a fairly decent condition. Of course, there were a few appliances that weren’t working, that wasn’t a big deal considering We Buy Fast Houston Houses buys homes as is in Texas. We do not care if the house is 100 years old or if it’s in the worst condition. If you’re selling, we’re buying.

The upside of buying my home ‘as is’ in Houston, Texas

Discounted home price

It’s no secret that We Buy Fast Houston Houses is a house hunter. And we don’t think that comes a surprise to some of your guys seeing as investing in real estate is what we do best. Anyway, since you’ll be buying the property in its current state, the owner will have to go below market value. Also, most houses that fall under the ‘as is’ category are foreclosed homes. Therefore, the lender or seller will try to get rid of it as soon as possible, so as to pay off the debt.

Perfect for the house renovator

Buying my home ‘as is’ in Houston, Texas, is definitely a great steal for anyone who knows there way around a toolbox. But if you still find yourself using Google to learn the difference between a Philips and a flat head screwdriver, you should leave ‘as is’ homes to We Buy Fast Houston Houses.

An ‘as is’ house will need a lot of repairs. You could make the purchase and immediately run into broken HAAC systems, a major structural damage, or non-functional plumbing. Before you make the purchase, talk to your accountant and figure out if you’ll be able to outsource a few jobs.

Closing thoughts

Are you thinking of buying my home ‘as is’? Reach out to We Buy Fast Houston Houses and get yourself a great deal.

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