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The housing market is made up of two kinds of people – buyers and sellers. Most buyers are like the kind of buyers that you see on your favorite HGTV show: there’s an old couple looking for a retirement home, a family trading up for a bigger house, or a young professional looking to buy my first home in Houston, Texas.

Something that you might not know is, not all buyers are individual buyers. We do have companies that are interested in real estate, as well, Companies that buy and then sell a house for profit.

As a home seller in Houston, Texas, it’s wise to take into consideration all your options, before making a move. get your priorities right and understand your needs. This option-weighing process includes what the makes has to offer, and what’s the appropriate price.

Okay, it’s time to now do some quick math. In Houston, Texas, a house takes an average of 24 days to find a buyer and another 46 days to close the deal. And that’s if the process runs without any hiccups.

That’s a long time if you’re trying to avoid foreclosure in Houston, Texas, or selling in divorce. So what’s the other recourse? To sell quickly to a real estate investor, such as We Buy Fast Houston Houses.

House-buying companies

As the name implies, a home buying company is a real estate company that buys directly from individual home sellers in Houston, Texas. The main benefit here is, unlike individual buyers, they pay in cash and the process is a lot simple. In addition, it’s faster than an FSBO or traditional sale.

  • House Flippers

These companies buy homes fast with the intention of renovating to add value or remodeling, before putting them back on the market. House flippers don’t just invest recklessly. They know which improvements usually boost equity, and those that don’t.

  • Buy-and-hold companies

They’re different from house flippers in the sense that they buy houses with the intention of renting. For profit, of course. One other fact that you should know is that some buy-and-hold investors are smaller, even though they use the same BRRRR model. That is, Buy, Rehab, Rebab, Refinance, and Repeat.

  • iBuyers

this is a business model that uses technology and real estate market data to make an offer to whoever’s ready to sell fast in Houston, Texas. They are fee-based, meaning they’ll charge you a small fee if they handle your purchase. So they are like real estate agents who are also buyers. Which is confusing if you think about it.

How the process works

  • The seller contracts the house buying company so as to discuss a potential purchase.
  • The company performs a home inspection just to gauge the general condition of the property.
  • The buyer then determines the market value of my home.
  • An offer is presented.
  • After negotiations, the deal is either closed or not.

So what do you think? Are you ready to work with a home buying company in Texas? Call We Buy Fast Houston Houses and you’ll be given an all-cash offer.

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