Home-Pricing Mistakes Made By Sellers In Houston, TX

home sellerEstimating the value of anything is not easy. At all! Think about the toaster on top of that kitchen counter. How much would you say it is? Is it the same price you bought it for? Is it cheaper? Do you even know where to start? If you can’t really figure that out, imagine what you’ll have to go through trying to figure out the price of my home in Houston, Texas.

So many times sellers have reached out to We Buy Fast Houston Houses to seek help when pricing their homes. And we normally take good care of them since we already know how daunting it can be to price something as large as a property.

Choosing a listing price is dicey. You have to have a good understanding of the market, and be ready to carry out a background research. If you work with a price that’s too high, my house will stagnate on the market. If you go too low, you’ll sell at a loss. But you shouldn’t worry much about a low price because overpricing is usually a seller’s Achilles heel.

We Buy Fast Houston Houses can guide you towards the right direction but if you don’t want to work with us, you could talk to your real estate agent. The problem is, some realtors are biased. They’ll unintentionally quote a high price because they want to earn more after closing the deal.

Kindly go over the following listing price mistakes provided by We Buy Fast Houston Houses, if you do not want to be your own worst enemy.

a. Pricing high and making cuts

If you’ve never been frustrated in life before, then this is what you should do. An overpriced house will stagnate on the market and you’ll be tempted to make cuts, hoping to find a buyer. And this will also be a mistake because the more you cut the more potential buyers get suspicious.

b. Listing my home in Houston, Texas, with an agent who think the property is more valuable

Like every other market out there, this market also has its fair share of mad men. There will always be that one agent who thinks you should roll the dice and go for a higher listing price. Do you due diligence before signing any contract. Don’t settle for any realtor just because they look like they know what they are doing or saying. Find out if they’ve ever sold a similar home in a hot market.

c. Testing the waters

Not being in a hurry to sell my home fast in Houston, Texas, does not give you the opportunity to test the real estate market’s bounds. You only get one chance to sell. If you can’t do it right the first time around then you’ll never be able to do it again. Unless you’re ready to settle for a loss.

d. Basing the list price on a ‘feeling’

You need to be objective when selling my home in Houston, Texas. Don’t let your personal feeling cloud your judgment. The sentimental value of a house is not the same as its actual value. We Buy Fast Houston Houses knows you really love your property but remember, that fondness doesn’t pay the mortgage.

The only thing that we can say for now is, if you have to sell on your own or with the help of an agent, do your homework.

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