How Houston, TX Sellers Pass Home Inspection

The feeling of finally finding that one house that you’ve always dreamt of is nothing short of magical. You get excited and that excitement makes you start thinking of how you’ll decorate this room or that room… Provided you’re not shocked with anything once you’re given a home inspection report.

home loanHowever, just like magicians, sellers can also pull a Houdini trick if you’re not careful. And We Buy Fast Houston Houses knows that’s a fact considering we have been buying homes as-is in Texas. It’s not that lying is part of their plan. They just sometimes find themselves in situations that force them to lie, or tweak the truth a little bit.

You need to be wary when buying my home in Houston, Texas, because if you’re not keen enough, you might fail to notice a misdirection. Consequently, after signing the sales contract, my dream house will quickly morph into a money pit. We don’t want that, do we?

We Buy Fast Houston Houses will today let you peek behind the curtains, and learn some of the tricks that sellers use to pass a home inspection in Texas.

  • Ignorance is bliss

We always advise our clients to work with attorneys when buying my home in Houston, Texas, because they’ll know if the seller is trying to take advantage of your ignorance. From time to time you’ll hear your attorney ask if there’s anything else that he or she should know about the property before signing the papers. This will help you hold the seller liable financially or legally should they choose to hide any problem that my house has.

  • Cosmetic cover-ups

If a seller doesn’t want to handle an issue that’s too costly, they’ll craft a quick fix just to hoodwink the buyer. some of the things that you should watch out for include new flooring, a fresh coat of paint, and anything touted as ‘updated’. Don’t fall for those. If you spot one, don’t be afraid to ask the seller why they repaired or ‘updated’ that feature.

  • Downplaying an issue

Phrases like “All houses in the neighborhood have that problem,” “It’s really not such a big deal,” or “We bought my house fast and found it that way,” are all examples of red flags. Even if they’re saying the truth, don’t let them distract you.

  • Camouflaging décor

This is something that we all did as kids, not to get into trouble whenever our parents came home. You use whatever you can find to cover whatever you’ve destroyed. The seller will tell you that they are willing to throw in the carpet if you buy my home fast but we all know they are trying to hide stains or cracks.

What we’re trying to say is, if you do not want anyone to take advantage of you when buying my home quickly, you should look with a property investment company that has been operational for years. We Buy Fast Houston Houses is that company. Call us, and we will help you buy that dream home that you’ve always wanted.

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