Selling my Houston house in Texas with liens

If you’re a Houston real estate investor, you already know how difficult it can be to sell my home with liens or tax problems. And this is surely understandable because no one would really want to invest in something that comes with a debt. In this post, you’ll be learn more about real estate liens, and what you can do to sell in Houston, Texas.

What’s a lien?

In simpler words, a real estate lien is a legal claim on a property. If the debt is not paid, the holder can legally access the property. Any Houston real estate buyer can find out whether or not your home has a lien on it by accessing the county records.

A bank or any other mortgage provider can place a lien on a property if the borrower is not paying the loan in a timely manner. Apart from this lien, you can also be hit with a judgment or mechanic’s lien if you do not pay your contractors. By the way, when a lien is place on your property, you will not be able to sell it in Houston, Texas, until every last dime is paid.

Sell directly to We Buy Fast Houston Houses

The easiest way to deal with a property lien if you do not have the cash to pay the creditors is to sell my home as is and fast to a cash buyer or property investor. We Buy Fast Houston Houses would love to buy my home and help you leave that entire lien and tax issue behind. On your behalf, we will handle all the debts you have, and quickly buy my house at a great price. Just think about it! We can make all your financial woes end in a matter of days.

Create a repayment plan

Paying off every cent might feel overwhelming and creditors know that. So, if they think you’re serious about resolving your situation, they’ll ask you to sit down with them and together, you can figure out a way forward. Do not sit by and do nothing just because you feel defeated. Reach out to the creditor and ask them to help you create a repayment plan that will make everyone happy. Remember, their ultimate goal is to get back what they are owed and yours is to pay back what you owe.

Consequences of not resolving tax issues and liens

Not resolving your liens on time will expose you to the risk of losing the house. And that’s obviously not a good thing for you or your family. Creditors are legally allowed to foreclose if the liens go unpaid. And hence, assuming ownership themselves.

We Buy Fast Houston Houses understands you situation and that’s why we are giving you a way out. by selling to us, you’ll be able to pay off everything you owe and left with something small to start over.

If you’re interested in finding our more about our company, you should reach out through our social media pages, or by directly call us.

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