Selling My Houston, Texas House through The Rent To Own Agreement

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A rent to own agreement is not the type of agreement that will only benefit the seller. It also benefits buyers and that’s what We Buy Fast Houston Houses will talking about today in details. But first, before we get down to business, we would just like to remind to also consider other methods of selling if you’re looking for a buyer. We’re no longer living in the medieval times when people only believed in real estate agents.

A lot of things have changes and so has the housing market in Houston, Texas. We now have sellers who only trust cash buyers, those who prefer working with the FSBO method, and a few who still believe in realtors.

Let’s now look at the matter at hand:

Selling My Home Fast Through The Rent To Own Agreement

You get to sell in a seller’s market

We don’t know if you know this but the level of competition out there is something else. Selling my home fast used to be easy but it no longer is because the housing market is essentially flooded with properties. Word on the street is foreclosure messed up everything during that recession period but we’re not so sure about that. Yes, we do agree the recession messes a lot of things up but… maybe the supply is high because a lot of people are now confident in selling their properties without help.

Regardless the reason, selling through a rent to own agreement will help you find a buyer a lot easier. you’ll be tapping into a market that has buyers who want to own homes but can’t because qualifying for a conventional loan has proven to be difficult. 

Speedy sale

Seeing as you’ll be working in a seller’s market, you won’t have to worry about how fast you close the deal or anything of the sort. The rent to own agreement option is one of the fastest ways of selling any type of home in Houston, Texas, and that’s a good thing because a faster sale means more money is being saved.

The ‘down payment’

We Buy Fast Houston Houses has been asked on several occasions, “What’s the difference between renting and renting to own?” Well, today we finally get to answer this question. When you decided to rent my home, the rental income will be significantly lower than the one paid when you rent to own. A buyer will have to be okay with a higher payment because the ultimate goal is to finally own the property once the period on the agreement elapses.

Selling at a good price

You’ll for sure be selling the house at a good price if you take the rent to own route. Come to think of it, the price might even be higher than what you’re typically earn after working with a real estate agent. Nobody will ask you to pay the closing costs, or commission.

So what do you say? Are you ready to learn more about this process? If you are, just pick up your phone and dial We Buy Fast Houston Houses.

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