Selling My Houston, TX, House Fast With Bed Bugs

Houston House with Bed Bugs
Houston House with Bed Bugs

When you think or hear someone talk about bed bugs, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Pesky creatures found in almost every motel room, right? But according to licensed exterminators, most of the time they receive calls from homeowners and not motel managers.

So in case you were wondering where We Buy Fast Houston Houses is going with this, today’s read is all about selling my home fast, with bed bugs in it.

Is it legal to sell my home quickly with bed bugs?

Well, to be honest, selling a home with bed bugs is legal but you have to disclose the problem. “Disclosing” in this case means making sure you’ve dealt with all the bugs, before the buyer moves in.

The elusive nature of bed bugs

Let’s first make something clear; bed bugs are a pervasive problem. So don’t expect to only find them in motel rooms, nursing homes, or college dorms. They are EVERYWHERE! And you really cannot deal with them without the help of a professional because they are quite elusive.

Since they love feasting on us, you’ll easily notice an infestation once you start having small, red, and itchy bites. But that doesn’t mean that everyone reacts in the same way. Some people develop skin reactions while others show no symptom at all.

Do real estate agents sell homes with bed bugs?

Yes, they do. Like we said, you just have to exterminate the problem before listing my home. and if you don’t have enough money to hire an exterminator, sell it as-is to We Buy Fast Houston Houses. We’ll still make you a cash offer and help you close the deal quickly.

The cost of killing bed bugs

The bed bug extermination cost will depend on two things: the size of the space, and the level of infestation. On average, you should expect to be charged at least $300, but there are Houston, Texas, homeowners who’ve even paid more than $2000.

What about the treatment?

Again, you have two options here. You can either turn up the heat to 120 degree Fahrenheit by driving hot air into the house or use chemicals to fumigate. That’s almost like fumigating termites.

Health experts recommend you always make sure your luggage is well vacuumed or steamed once you return home from traveling. Then wash and dry the contents inside the luggage on a hot cycle.

What if the bed bug problem is no longer a problem?

The same rules apply. Before signing the contract, let the buyer know you once had to deal with a bed bug infestation. Go ahead and show them the documentation from the pest company, if they’re hesitant about closing.

Some state laws don’t really give a clear definition on how to deal with this matter but if you wish to avoid legal repercussions down the road, you should disclose every latent defect.

We Buy Fast Houston Houses is your safe bet. The moment you close the deal, you won’t have to even think about if or when the buyer will sue for nondisclosure. Reach out, and we’ll work something out.

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